Frequently asked questions

Who qualifies for Social Housing?

To qualify and be placed on the Housing Needs Register, you must:

  • You are registered on the City of Cape Town Housing Database.
  • be a South African citizen or permanent resident;
  • be legally competent to enter into a contract;
  • be over the age of 18 years;
  • have a combined household income of less than/not exceeding R22 000 per month;
  • do not currently, and have not previously owned property;
  • never have benefitted from a government housing subsidy before.

Can pensioners apply at Conradie Park?

Due to oversubscription in Phase 1, no new applications from SASSA pensioners will be accepted for Phase 2.

How do I register on the City of Cape Town Housing Database?


You will need to submit:

  • a certified copy of your ID and spouse’s ID, if applicable;
  • a completed Housing Assistance Form;
  • certified copies of your children’s birth certificates, if applicable;
  • certified copies of marriage or divorce certificates, if applicable;
  • details of special needs within the household, and supporting documents such as medical records;
  • proof of address.

I have previously registered with the Cape Town Housing Database, what should I do?

Once you have completed your registration with the City of Cape Town Housing Database you are good to go.
All you need to do is confirm your registration to Own Haven and our team will request the necessary from the City of Cape Town.

What documents do I need to submit when applying at Conradie Park Social Housing?

You will need to submit the following documents together with your application to Conradie Park when applying for Social Housing:

– ID documents for all adults occupying the unit
– Birth certificates for all children occupying the unit
– Latest payslip
– Confirmation of employment letter
– Affidavit (for unemployed adults occupying the unit
– 3-months’ bank statement
– Marriage/Divorce certificate (if applicable)
– Police Clearance certificate (To be done in-house by the Conradie team)
– Proof of payment of application fee

Note: payslip, employment letter and bank statements must be provided for all adults occupying the unit. Where an adult is unemployed, an affidavit is required.

May I view the units?

Viewing is available between 9AM and 4PM during the week.

Expected contract term?

All lease agreements will be for a minimum period of 12-months.

Expected rental?

Rentals will range from R800 – R5 400 per month, depending on the unit type you qualify for which is based on your combined household income.
Please view the affordability table on the “APPLY” page on our website.

Will there be any additional fees?

Here are some fees you need to keep in mind when applying at Conradie Park Social Housing:

  • Application fee – R350, covers the review and processing of you application form.
  • Administration fee – R200, only payable if your application has been successful. This covers the administration and lease agreement.
  • Deposit – Amount due will depend on your unit type, and is usually payable upfront before key handover takes place.
  • Utilities – Pre-paid electricity and water will be billed on consumption. Both the cold and hot water will be metered and billed at different rates.

How will utilities be billed?

 Electricity is pre-paid and the water is billed on consumption – both the cold and hot water will be metered and billed at different rates.

What about parking?

 There will be limited parking spaces available per unit, which will be secured with biometric access control. Parking will be at an additional monthly charge of R300 per parking bay.

What kind of units will be available?

The following units will be available at Conradie Park:

  • Studio (bachelors – Primary)
  • 1 Bedroom (Primary)
  • 1 Bedroom (Secondary)
  • 2 Bedroom (Secondary)
  • 2 Bedroom Duplex (Secondary)

Are the units pet friendly?

No pets are allowed at the Conradie Park Social Housing units.

How can I dry my washing?

There will be communal washing line areas on the roof under 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

Will the units have built-in cupboards and stoves?

The units will not have any built in cupboard or stoves.